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Bruna Bertoni,
brand creator

Lapso is a space for expression and colorful experiences with​ natural raw materials.


Hi! I'm Bruna, creator of Lapso. I want to tell you a little about the brand and what brought me here.  

Lapso was born in July 2019, when I was majoring in Design. My final course project was precisely the brand, but the proposal was different, since I still didn't know the universe of natural colors.

Since then, I have been enchanted by the beauty of the artisanal processes of natural dyeing, ranging from the collection of raw material, color extraction, fabric preparation, color bath and finalization.


Watching each step, I was inspired by the wide possibilities of creation: printing with a solution that enhances the colors and brings different shades, using concentrated dyes with fixation in the sun, using the pigment that was left in the dyes to make natural inks...

The paints were an awakening of a childish curiosity: how will it look on the fabric? And on the screen? And on paper?

I started to paint.

Experimentation allowed me to respect time and transformations.

From this constant learning, my creative process is changeable. 

Many times I don't achieve the expected result and, at that moment, I decide to interfere and something unusual appears: an overlap of colors, different textures in the paints, new techniques. 

Photos and videos by Bruna Bertoni

Thanks to Mavi Capelasso and Alexandra Badaró for their help and some records.



Mixed processes with natural inks

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